First Print.

Hot off the press, FIRST printed copy has arrived!! Opened the box up with our five-year old, who is learning to read. Loved watching her try to pick out some of the sight words they’ve been learning about in Kindergarten.

Just a few minor color shifts to do before printing them all. !! (Like getting the title shifted to the right to get it off the spine!)  Looking at a BOOK RELEASE by end of November.



a little sneak peek.

Here’s the cover for Pearl and the Whale and a few sample pages I’ve been working on. (!!!)

Can’t wait to share more…







This last photo (zoom in on it — can you find Earth?) will be a full spread in the book. Our one and only, gorgeous Solar System TO SCALE (even distances apart from the planets). Look how TINY Mercury is compared to the Sun. Even Jupiter, our neighborhood Giant is so small… it’s all about PERSPECTIVE, isn’t it?



Here are a few shots that Bethany somehow managed to fit in along with all the others! So Grateful she did because it really shows the scale of these little needle-felted things.

I kept trying to fluff the Sun’s solar “hair/flares”. And the Sun kept spinning the wrong way. A problem since I’d only needle-felted one side of it yellow. An air vent right above the setup kept blowing everything around.  I’d say something like, “I need to turn Jupiter around again.”


To get the sea waves? Blue transparency cutouts and plexi.


Teensy needle-felted lighthouse. And an even tinier whale on the “ocean”.


Hubby’s microphone stands came in super handy for holding up little felted clouds and planes and such. From far away it looks like I made a very odd Earth hat. (Although I’m sure someone somewhere would probably wear it.)


Took A LOT of coffee to make this little book.

A LOT. No cream, no sugar. 🙂


One Earth

No borders. No walls. One Earth. One Family.
What Pure Magic is it, that a giant ball of water, land and animals, people, hearts and minds, can float and spin through time and space? Regardless of your political views, I think we can all agree on one thing: Earth is Precious, beyond any words and we are lucky to find ourselves living on it.


I actually used about five different colors of blue wool roving for Earth’s oceans. The whole thing is unbelievably light as a feather. And it makes me think of how precious, how ephemeral our Earth really is. What a blink in eternity that we find ourselves here. 


photos by Bethany Kohoutek.

Sun & Waves

She goes everywhere with that beach ball. See the clear filament lines? One holding up Pearl, the other to keep that beach ball from bouncin’ off into waves…




I think maybe I love needle-felting so much because everything you make fits in the palm of your hand. There’s such a soft sweetness about them. Also. The only tool you need is a felting needle.




Pearl and the Whale

It’s about a girl named Pearl, but really, it’s a story about us. All of us. Living on this one little gem we call EARTH, spinning and floating through space and time. Which I doubt I’ll ever be too old to be in awe of. Thanks to Bethany Kohoutek for photographing all of it, and bringing the story to life.


All the characters are needle-felted, which means each one is shaped from wool roving. The wool starts out like fluffs of cotton candy, little soft bundles just waiting to be shaped with a special felting needle. See how tiny these two whales are? I hung them in diorama-like sets, using watercolor backdrops and layered plexi-glass to create waves.


A little bit of sun-styling, below. Gotta get those solar flares happenin’.


A couple of my husband’s microphone stands and white gaffer work out perfectly for holding up the solar system.


Here are some early-on sketches below, for the book. Looking at a book release this year (!!!) for Pearl and the Whale.

PHOTOS BY BETHANY KOHOUTEK (a most wonderful and creative soul)