Back to Cool.

Check out the Back to School Family Fun issue! Even though I’m in complete denial that mums are already out in front of the stores. Sigh… But it’s all good, because fall is the perfect time to start needle-felting. Be cool. Make this planet mobile — along with some other cool STEM crafts for the kiddos.


All you need for needle-felting — a few tufts of wool, a foam pad and a couple special felting needles. It’s like sculpting cotton candy. Grab a couple of paint sticks (or an embroidery hoop would work), string (we used white, but hot pink or gold would be fun), a gold eye-hook, and you’re set! Click on the link below for full story. Photo above by Jason Donnelly.

Check out my needle-felted children’s picture book, Pearl and the Whale on my shop!

Storytime and CREATE!

Love what these kiddos made at J.Crew’s Storytime event today! Was so honored to have been asked to come. We made popsicle stick puppets after reading Pearl and the Whale. My five-year-old daughter, Olivia, helped me read today — and she showed each little felted character as we told the story. We made a good team!


Rainbow-colored starfish, pink whale, sherbet octopus… SO love their self expression and enthusiasm to CREATE!


The J.Crew staff were wonderful — look what they had all set up– cute chalkboard announcement + the sweetest cookies ever. Delish. From Brookies Cookies. 319-621-3177. Seriously THEE best iced sugar cookies I’ve had. Look at the cute little Earth cookies. And Pearl too!!


Felted Fiction

When I’m not making children’s felted characters for books…I’m making felted characters from other books. 🙂


These two are from Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. I found the book about ten years ago when I lived out in Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, all surrounded by pine trees and deep shadows and moss. Lucky for me that summer I found a red caboose library in the woods–chock-full of people’s faves. An honor system library. Seriously the coolest thing ever. There should be a red caboose library in every town. Anyway, I took a chance on the dog-eared copy of Outlander. And it was a pretty delicious yarn. Total summer escapism. They’ve made it into a TV show, of course. (Starz). Every bit as addictive!

These two. I needle-felted them from wool roving, (like sculpting with cotton candy) and they’re about 10″ tall.


Happy Earth.


I’m late on posting this for Earth Day, but as my daughter reminded me this morning, “Every day is Earth Day.” Happy week, all!

Made this little Earth to fit in the palm of a hand, with lovely dyed wools in different blues and greens. Added those whispy little clouds on last. My friend Bethany Kohoutek shot this image in front of a watercolor backdrop.

Heart POP.

Couldn’t make a Leia without a Chewie!


We made POP-up cards over the weekend and the kids really got into it. LOVED all their awesome self-expression. Our daughter turned herself into girl Rambo. 🙂


Neon paper + glitter hearts + glue + googly eyes + super creative kiddos = V Day FUN!