Mini Monsters

Been workin’ on these cuties for a special order. The Monster Gang— the entire set.      🧡 👻 🎃 576B6C61-C146-4682-A9FA-7A35FAE8CEB1EF7E47CF-A556-4250-9C78-B354DAEB4336BC396ACD-D12B-47E3-B84F-222187B1E1E89575EAE7-3BFA-4C59-95C2-EE1CC786A39E9F97AFC2-F239-4787-81C3-0AEAD4383885

Ruby the Mermaid

And her mermaid cat Tilly, too. 😻🧜🏻‍♀️ #needlefelted


These two will swim their way out to Dallas soon, for my sweet niece Layla. Pink flower, pink polka dots and pet mermaid cat— all her idea💗✨. Of course 😉 “Can she have a belly button too?”😂



Hey there, Zippy

“Zippy” mini for Claire. 💕🐶


Here’s why I love needle-felting — you shape wool out of billowy, soft roving, ( And Jakira Farms on Etsy have some gorgeous options) using just a 38 gauge felting needle. At first it might not look like much, but eventually a character starts to take shape.