Mini Monsters

Been workin’ on these cuties for a special order. The Monster Gang— the entire set.      🧡 👻 🎃 576B6C61-C146-4682-A9FA-7A35FAE8CEB1EF7E47CF-A556-4250-9C78-B354DAEB4336BC396ACD-D12B-47E3-B84F-222187B1E1E89575EAE7-3BFA-4C59-95C2-EE1CC786A39E9F97AFC2-F239-4787-81C3-0AEAD4383885


Ruby the Mermaid

And her mermaid cat Tilly, too. 😻🧜🏻‍♀️ #needlefelted


These two will swim their way out to Dallas soon, for my sweet niece Layla. Pink flower, pink polka dots and pet mermaid cat— all her idea💗✨. Of course 😉 “Can she have a belly button too?”😂



Hey there, Zippy

“Zippy” mini for Claire. 💕🐶


Here’s why I love needle-felting — you shape wool out of billowy, soft roving, ( And Jakira Farms on Etsy have some gorgeous options) using just a 38 gauge felting needle. At first it might not look like much, but eventually a character starts to take shape.



Rainbow Narwhals

Special edition sweet tooth cuties. 🙂


Each one fits in the palm of your hand, like little dandelion puffs of color.


I painted up some new background colors–loving these cheery pastels!


Tufts of cotton-candy colored wool.



Those heart tails…


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Springtime & Stories

Crocuses are peeking through, rabbit tracks criss-cross over melting snow, and the birds, sun and blue skies are baaaaack!! ☀️🌱🐇


Little felted scenes on the dining room table, next to the window. Easy to set and easy to take down.


Mike had no idea his mic stands would come in so handy for hanging things like rainbows and clouds. 😂 I set this up before I picked up Olivia and her friend Mary Lou from school… and then they took over.

Unicorns floating on clouds and…


R2D2 in the middle of the forest with woodland critters, because why not?😆


Seven-year-olds are the best storytellers. Also their enthusiasm for spring (throwing off coats and unzipping snow pants as they are walking, no, skipping to the car) is totally infectious. ❤️☀️ And we saw a robin in a tree. So, pretty much Official, right? Hello spring!!

Sweet lil’ bunny and tree made from sculpted wool roving.



Narwahl Family

The Sweet Stack. Sending these cuties swimmin’ off to Wisconsin today. Love sending fun Friday packages out!! 💦💌


Made from Merino wool roving, it’s the absolute softest you can find. Like working with little tufts of clouds in your hands. That’s how each one starts out, one billowy puff of wool that you shape by hand, using a little felting needle that compresses the wool. There’s no sewing or patterns involved—just pick up a needle, a bit of wool, turn on the latest episode of the Expanse (so good) and…go! It’s totally free-form, so you never know exactly what you may come up with, but each one will have its own personality. 💗


Papa Narwhal is about 7″ from head to tail, Mama is 5″. Tiny’s about one-and-a-half inches.


Still Dreamin’ about sun and sparkle on these cold February days…


It’s all in the details. And the doodles. Packaged up and ready to sail.


Heart tail. 🙂


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